Simons Cat - Crunch Time


Help adorable Simon the cat to eat


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Simons Cat - Crunch Time is a puzzle game where your goal is to gather the cat food of the same color and place it in each cat's bowl. In each level every cat must be fed a specified amount of cat food. The fewer moves you need to make to do so; the better.

The gameplay in Simons Cat - Crunch Time is straightforward: all you have to do is gather the same-colored pieces of food. The more pieces of the same color you manage to join up, the better; given that not only can you achieve the highest score, but you can also create pieces of special food.

In Simons Cat - Crunch Time there are a 'mere' 400 or so levels. What's more, not all levels are the same. In some levels you have to grab special cookies you find under the food, and in others you have to tackle a series of adversaries who are as ruthless as they are funny.

Simons Cat - Crunch Time is a very entertaining puzzle game, which not only boasts charming graphics but also an overwhelming number of levels. The perfect title for cat lovers and, particularly, for those who love the fantastic Simon the Cat short films.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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